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To find out whether the relationships among four dimensions which is coursework and self-expectation, financial status, relationship and family, social support and personality (four independent variables) would significantly affect the level of stress among university students (dependent variable). To discover the stress difference among demographic factors. To figure out the most dominant stress factor among University Malaya students.The research problem is too wide to be studied directly.New students can be easily adapted to their life in university with the advices provided through the orientation program and buddy system.Last but not least, seminar and stress management campaign are organized to assist students in handling stress with recommendation and tips.

Is there any significant relationship among four factors of coursework and self-expectation, financial status, relationship and family, social support social support and personality in affecting the level of stress among university students? Is there any significant different between demographic (races and gender) with factors affect the level of stress among University Malaya students? What is the most dominant factor among University Malaya students?The research universities in Malaysia ought to maintain their good grade to obtain further research funding, quality auditing and ranking, high quality of teaching and learning.Therefore, the university students will encounter high pressure with the change of education system.Through this study, we can discover the factor impact the most towards the level of stress among the university students in either positively or negatively.As a result, the research problem is formulated as: Here are objectives which to be achieved through this study as mentioned: 1.

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